Hylafax Printer Driver

Dan Egli ddavidegli at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 02:34:54 MST 2013

*I can't say I've heard of either of fax4cups or JHylaFax (or was that
supposed to be just Hylafax and you hit the J by accident?). I'm assuming
they are standard packages that can be included in a system? I'm going to
use Gentoo when I built the machine shortly so I am trying to make sure I
have noted down everything I'd need to include that I don't just emerge
(the Gentoo term for installing a package). I know Hylafax is in the gentoo
package list, so if fax4cups is there too great. If not I'll need to figure
out where to get it from.*

* *

*Thanks for the info!*

* *
*--- Dan*

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