Hylafax Printer Driver?

DANIEL DAVID EGLI ddavidegli at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 01:48:50 MST 2013

*All this talk of Telephony stuff has reminded me of one other thing I
wanted to ask. When I get my new Linux machine up and running I wanted to
include a Fax modem so I could electronically send/receive faxes. I am
familiar with Hylafax and know it works well, but for one issue. I REALLY
miss the convenience of having a "printer driver" that routes to the fax.
Most windows faxing software, for example, install themselves as a printer.
So then when you want to send a document as a fax you simply print it to
the fax "printer." Does anyone know of a driver for cups or similar that
will achieve the same thing? It doesn't even have to be for Hylafax if
there's a better idea available for this.*

* *


* *

*--- Dan*

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