Data Deduplication File Systems

DANIEL DAVID EGLI ddavidegli at
Sun Feb 24 23:45:04 MST 2013

*Question for you guys. Someone recently told me about a new set of Linux
file systems that include data-deduplication. They sent me an old article
from Linux Journal before they stopped printing it and went web only. The
article was very informative, except in one aspect. It only dealt with one
file system, called lessfs, which (at least the way they showed it) could
not be mounted via fstab. You had to run a separate binary to mount it. Has
anyone heard of any other file systems that implement data deuplication?
I'd be curious to check it out. I think it could be especially handy on my
MythTV box because when you get all these commercials over and over the
system would only need to store the entire video sequence for the
commercial once. That's handy because as an example I was watching
Underworld on spike Saturday night and must have seen the same commercials
for places like Burger King over and over. If I'm going to record shows I
like the idea of not having to save that space. Yes, on a multi-terabyte
disk drive space is probably not going to be an issue. But I'd at least
like to try it out anyway, IF I can find a file system that includes
data-deduplication and can be mounted at boot via fstab/rc.sysinit.*

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*--- Dan*

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