Asterisk vs FreeSwitch?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sat Feb 23 09:36:16 MST 2013

On 02/22/2013 11:03 PM, Tod Hansmann wrote:
> Where 
> FreeSWITCH gets into trouble is their community is much more "rtfm" and 
> less hand-holdy than Asterisk, though several of the community are more 
> than friendly, and they REALLY know their stuff for the most part.  

Several years ago I had occasion to ask a few questions on the asterisk
IRC channel and I found at least one of their main "experts" to be
extremely RTFM-ish.  He kept telling me I didn't know what I was talking
about, when in fact it was he who didn't understand what I was asking.
When I pushed back a bit he got all angry and basically said what I
wanted to do was stupid anyways.  Really soured me to asterisk.

I've since learned that Asterisk really sucks at what I wanted to do.
Basically I wanted to have a dialplan that could take a number, say BYU
phone numbers, and turn them into url-based addresses
(number at but pass them through a sip provider trunk instead
of talking to directly.  Unfortunately Asterisk just cannot
deal with urls in their dialplans.  It's a major weakness in asterisk,
though an understandable one since telephones have number pads only
typically.  Anyay on IRC I was told to just use as a trunk
and places the calls directly (since knows what to do with
the numbers).  The folks on IRC berated me for even wanting to do what I
needed to do.  Just fix my stupid firewall he said (which was outside my

Of course if BYU actually registered their numbers with the ENUM service
(DNS for SIP), then I could have simply used, say, as a
trunk and they could use ENUM to figure out a no-cost dialing path.  But
since BYU doesn't (or hadn't at the time) I was kind of stuck.

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