Subject: TV Tuner Q's

Lonnie Olson lists at
Fri Feb 22 11:03:30 MST 2013

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 11:45 PM, DANIEL DAVID EGLI
<ddavidegli at> wrote:
> *And no, I can't just use the onboard DVR that several of their set-top
> boxes offer. The problem with that is it's not on my computer network so I
> can't check view recorded programs from another room or from outside the
> house. That's specifically what I'm trying to address using MythTV.
> Otherwise I probably would would just hook up one or two set-top boxes with
> the four simultainous show recording functionality and use them. As best as
> I am aware (and I freely admit that some of my information could be rather
> dated as I've been away from the Linux world for a few years [again, don't
> ask, please]), the best way to accomplish that under Linux is MythTV. Thus
> I turn to you all for help. I'm trying to catch up with what's the latest.*

You can't use any third party tuners for DirecTV or Dish.  You are
stuck with their set top boxes and an IR blaster, which means 1 stream
per set top box.  At least with Comcast you can get tuners for the
unencrypted channels, though i'm not sure how many of those there are

As far as non-Myth, DirecTV has some new technology options to solve
some of your issues, with some caveats.
Whole Home DVR
Share your DVR with all your TVs in your house.  Costs a bit more.

DirecTV nomad
Copy your DVR recordings to your device to take with you.  Though only
supports PC, Mac, and iOS.

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