Subject: TV Tuner Q's

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Fri Feb 22 00:09:31 MST 2013


I've had a mythtv machine for a few years now. Some of that time it's been
limping along, but now it's not bad on ubuntu 12.04. I like the hdhomerun
box that is on my network and doesn't need any driver magic. I also have an
old hd3000 card that does require some magic (firmware upload at boot). If
I did it again, I'd just get two hdhomerun boxes. The hdhomerun also
provides one IR relay to udp port. lirc can pick that up.

I have no OTA so I have to use comcast and record from their unencrypted
channels. I won't pay for anything from them that is encrypted so I'm never
wishing for one of their DVRs.

Good luck


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