A whosit or a whatsit?

Steve Alligood steve at betterlinux.com
Thu Feb 21 22:27:57 MST 2013

What you want is an ATA (analog telephony adapter).  I am not sure of current models, older ones are like the linksys PAP2 or the Cisco SPA112.  They are usually 2 FXS ports and an Ethernet port, without frills should be around $50 each (new), less in bulk, and under $30 on eBay.  Make sure to get ones that are unlocked and not tied to a specific provider.

And you can setup asterisk with multiple trunks so us calls would terminate to a provider in the US, and local calls could be on a trunk locally, best rates where you can get them.  Just know that a T1 card can be fairly pricey (~$1k+, $2k for a quad card).


On Feb 21, 2013, at 9:46 PM, "S. Dale Morrey" <sdalemorrey at gmail.com> wrote:

> So continuing my adventures in Ecuador I'm looking at establishing
> VOIP service in a small community that has great internet access but
> where the landline cost per call is very expensive and cell service is
> sporadic.
> I think a couple of Asterisk servers could probably do most of the
> work especially since the majority of calls would be locals calling
> locals, we could completely bypass the incumbent telco for most use
> cases and I'm sure I can find terminating services for calls outside
> the local exchange area.
> I was talking with one of the local businessmen and was able to
> explain that there are devices that can directly connect an open port
> on his router to the pots line in his home and provide him with
> dialtone and direct dial service without the need to keep a computer
> on 24/7.
> For the life of me I'm now drawing a blank on what this device is
> called, or who the manufacturer(s) are.  This is going to be vital
> information if we move ahead with this service.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
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