subject: Wine and Games under Linux

Matt Melvin rage_311 at
Thu Feb 21 14:22:55 MST 2013

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 12:58 AM, DANIEL DAVID EGLI
<ddavidegli at> wrote:
> How well would the
> latest sock version of Wine handle something like Spore, Oblivion, Diablo
> III, BioShock, Deus Ex (any of them) or Skyrim, or even a simple, non-DX
> game like one of the Virtual Villager games from Last Day at Work (

Diablo 3 works perfectly for me.  I can't speak specifically for the
rest in your list, but I've had roughly an 80% success rate with
running Windows games under Wine -- using PlayOnLinux.  Typically, the
more popular the game, the better your chance is of being able to run
it (easily).  PlayOnLinux is great since it uses install scripts to
create a separate Wine prefix (complete with the version of Wine
that's known to work well with the specific game), installs and
configures any additional libraries that are needed, and gives you a
single place to launch all Wine games from.  You can see a list of
games that POL has install scripts for here:

And definitely look at the Wine App DB for more info.

> Has anyone tried using the Windows version of
> Steam under any version of Wine?

Steam for Windows works really well under Wine, although you need to
run it with the "-no-dwrite" flag in order to have visible text...
which is helpful.  I've used it to install and play: Death Rally, Dota
2, Portal 1 and 2, Counter-strike: Global Offensive, and a few others,
and have had very few hiccups.

> *Also, speaking of gaming, any one know how many monitors can be connected
> to a Linux machine running Nvidia's closed-source X driver and multiple
> video cards?

I know that your question is regarding multiple cards in SLI AND
multiple monitors, but I wanted to let you know that I'm running three
monitors on one GTX 670 (4GB) with no problems.  I'm curious about the
SLI + multiple monitor possibility though, too.  So, let me know if
you find out either way.


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