subject: mysql to pgsql Perl DBD shortcut

DANIEL DAVID EGLI ddavidegli at
Thu Feb 21 00:58:41 MST 2013

*Does anyone know of a (hacked?) Perl DBD driver that reroutes mysql calls
to pgsql calls? I'm in process of designing a web site that will rely
heavily on postgresql, but I also need to incorporate bugzilla which, last
I looked, relies exclusively on mysql. I'd rather not go through the hassle
of having two different database engines running on the same machine. So I
figured I'd look into ways of tricking (for lack of a better term) bugzilla
to work on pgsql. Obviously the first method is to rewrite all the bugzilla
files. But that's a LOT of files. I figured it would be a heck of a lot
less work to have a fake DBD::MySQL that in turn calls the function calls
of DBD::PGSQL for each of it's functions. If anyone knows of a site I could
download such a Perl driver for, I'd be grateful. Or a site where I could
download a Bugzilla that is already converted to PostgreSQL would be good

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*--- Dan*

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