Need a bit of troubleshooting assistance please

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Sat Feb 9 20:01:43 MST 2013

Hello Everyone,

I've been traveling and am currently in Ecuador.  Back home my wife
and children have been using a laptop running Ubuntu Linux and Skype
to keep in touch with me.
Unfortunately there was an update or something and now skype is no
longer working on the machine at home.
We're still in touch via email, but without voice & video working,
it's just not the same.

I really don't know enough about Skype on Linux to figure this one
out.  She's able to login, but she can't see her contacts, initiate or
recieve calls etc and when she's on it shows her as still offline on
my Skype here.  She says it's like part of the UI is missing or
something.  I don't believe it's a firewall or network issue because
it WAS working up until a few days ago.

I can't remote into the box from here and poke around otherwise I
would probably just do an RDP session and get it done.  My guess is
it's something simple, but for the life of me I can't think what the
problem might be.  I've already tried walking her through an uninstall
& reinstall.  To the best of my knowledge the system is up to date
with the most current updates.

Is anyone willing to try their hand at it and see what's up?  They can
travel to you as long as you are in the Salt Lake or Utah County

Thanks in advance!

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