Would anybody like to (or be willing to) present on "Linux on the Desktop"?

Nicholas Leippe nick at leippe.com
Sun Feb 3 13:05:58 MST 2013

I've never understood this. Are we talking about demoing a specific
distribution, or demoing a specific DE (in which case distribution
really shouldn't matter)?

- gnome3
- gnome2

and minor players (which you wouldn't use for grandma):
- xfce
- enlightenment
- some others

As for distros, you have really two main choices: debian-based and
rpm-based. All other differences are really who's got the
better-maintained repos, who has the smartest/easiest installer (from
what I've read on /. the latest fedora failed miserably here), and who
has the better-configured plug-and-play admin tools (when talking
Linux on the desktop).

Personally, I use gentoo, and find it world-class in ease of
configuration and flexibility--but I wouldn't hand it to a noob or
grandma for their desktop (unless I were going to maintain it--and
then I'd insist).

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