[JOB] Linux Systems Engineer at LDS Church

Thad Van Ry tvanry at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 10:14:17 MST 2013

My employer, the LDS Church, is currently looking for a Linux Systems
Engineer. If you are interested, or have questions surrounding this
position. Let me know!
This position is located at the LDS Church Riverton Office Building. (3740
West Market Center Drive, Riverton)
I don't know what the pay rate would be for this position.
I am not the hiring manager, but I am good friends with the hiring manager.
This is a Full-time, fully benefited position.

Here is the HR approved job description:
Linux Engineer - Information Technology Services

ID# 106751, Type: Full-Time - Regular

USA - UT - Riverton


Posting Info:

   - Posting Dates: 12/27/2013 - No Closing Date
   - Job Family: Information Technology
   - Department: Information and Communication Services Department


We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Linux engineer to help
in the research and implementation of data center infrastructure.  We want
candidates who have the aptitude to be brilliant engineers and problem
solvers, and who have excelled in both their academic and professional
lives.  These candidates will apply their strong Linux background to
developing and maintaining the operating environments of the Church.
Candidates must have a strong Linux background as well as a good
understanding of the building blocks of data center infrastructure.  The
candidate must be able to troubleshoot, design, and document infrastructure


Position-Specific Qualifications:

   - 5 years or more of Linux engineering/administration experience.
   - In depth knowledge in design, installation, and problem analysis of
   Linux servers
   - Experience with current Red Hat and SLES distributions
   - Knowledge of x86 hardware and its impact on Linux system design and
   - Experience with Linux servers in a large storage environment (SAN,
   NAS) including multipathing software
   - Demonstrated knowledge of Linux servers running as VMs on VMware
   - Broad datacenter understanding and experience across disciplines,
      - Server hypervisors (VMware vSphere preferred)
      - Other operating systems (Windows, ESX, AIX)
      - Storage systems including SAN (FC and FCoE), NAS (CIFS and NFS).
      - Network switches, routers, load balancers, and firewalls

General Qualifications:

   - Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
   currently worthy to hold a temple recommend*.*
   - Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, or
   equivalent experience.
   - Ability to communicate clearly and concisely.
   - Excellent customer relationship skills.
   - Ability to work well with other bright individuals.
   - Strong documentation skills.
   - Innate understanding of the value of establishing and living efficient
   - Ability to adapt and learn new concepts and technologies.
   - Able to work under stress and handle multiple critical priorities.


   - Engineer new solutions to create and improve Linux systems with
   regards to availability, performance, and security
   - Maintain and improve current Linux deployment strategies and
   supporting technologies
   - Work with customers to build Linux solutions to meet their needs
   - Document new solutions for hand-off to operations group
   - Works with operations group to identify and resolve escalated issues
   on current systems
   - Implement tools, dashboards, and best practices to help our customers
   be successful
   - Works with minimal supervision to build and maintain infrastructure
   systems that support Church platforms, environments, and technologies.
   - Ensures IT risks (including security, privacy, compliance, business
   continuity, etc.) are identified, documented, and appropriately managed.
   - Reviews progress on solutions, goals, milestones, metrics and project
   plans on a regular basis with the solution team and manager. Accepts
   feedback and supports team members to further their efforts.
   - Provides necessary project, system and technical documentation in a
   timely manner.
   - Work closely with architects and customers to design enterprise class
   solutions based on the principles of redundancy, security and
   - Draft, update and follow best practices and standards documentation.
   - Coordinate and perform maintenance activities in a large environment.
   - Work well individually or in a group setting.
   - Perform other duties as assigned.

The most important ways a person doing this job should spend their time:

   - Finding ways to improve all environments at the Church, by increasing
   availability, stability, security, and agility
   - Building systems and processes to help Church applications and
   personnel to Hasten the Work
   - Training Operations personnel to be more effective at resolving issues
   in Church environments

   - Providing exceptional customer service

What this job takes to be successful:

   - Technical expertise in Linux and other technologies
   - Ability to deliver projects on time and on budget
   - Managing multiple tasks to ensure successful delivery
   - An emphasis on customer relations

Worthiness Qualification

Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and
currently temple worthy.

Posting Notice/How to Apply

Please Note: All positions are subject to close without notice.
Apply at http://ldschurch.jobs. Click on the "Advanced Search" link and
enter the job reference id in the "Job Opening ID" field after signing in.

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