Fedora 18 wifi weirdness

Troy Wolfe wolfepak at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 13:20:01 MST 2013

On Dec 27, 2013 12:42 PM, "Barry Roberts" <blr at robertsr.us> wrote:

> I have a Fedora 18 machine in the kitchen that has an internal pci 802.11
> b/g/n card.  For nearly a year, it's been working pretty good.  Now for the
> past couple of weeks, the network just stops working for a few minutes at a
> time.
> If I ping during that time, I get no responses.  If I keep a ping running
> the whole time I eventually start getting "no buffer space" messages.
> Usually, it just starts working again in 3-4 minutes.  But I don't see
> anything in dmesg or  /var/log/messages before, during or after the outage.
>  The wifi thinks it's connected the whole time.
> I'm in the middle of a fedup (18-19) to see if that fixes it, but I have
> never seen an issue like this, and since there is nothing in the logs, I'm
> not sure what to pursue.
> I have replaced the wifi card with a new one.  The new one does basically
> the same thing.
> Anybody have any brilliant ideas?
> Thanks,
> Barry
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