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Thu Dec 19 13:31:55 MST 2013

Cyberteknix is creating a digital playground full of hybrid hackerspace/kid
friendly projects that older (5th grade+) kids would totally dig:

And this one is my favorite:

Gives them something tangible to hold on to and show off.

On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 12:30 PM, Ryan Simpkins <plug at>wrote:

> I have been looking for ways to teach my children geeky skills in a way
> that
> allows the whole family to participate. Last night we discussed control
> structures. I set some of them up in a line. Each child in the line was a
> statement in the "program". A child "object" would walk through the line,
> following the program structure. Example:
> kid_object[0] = {type=girl,age=6,eyes=blue}
> kid_object[1] = {type=boy,age=7,eyes=blue}
> for each kid_object -
>  kid[0] - if (kid_object.type==girl) then
>  kid[1] -   say "what does the fox say?"
>  kid[2] -   say "NE NE NE NE NE NE NE!"
>  kid[3] - else, spin twice
>  kid[4] -       clap 3 times
> -
> We tried a couple different control structures. It didn't take long before
> they had mastered our programming language and set about "programming" each
> other. Especially fun was watching them discover their first 'infinite
> loop'
> by literally spinning in circles, realizing they would never meet the
> 'do..until' condition set. What activities have you done with your children
> (young and old) to encourage an understanding in all things geek? Share
> your
> ideas, please!
> -Ryan
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