Google fiber for business

Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Thu Dec 19 12:03:28 MST 2013


Does anyone happen to know when Google Fiber will be accepting
business customers? The only thing I could find was this old post from
a few months ago:

My business will be moving from one building to another here on the
Novell campus and I don't want to sign a 24 month contract with
another provider if Google might be available before then. BTW, the
move happens in the next 45 days.

My current provider is getting fiber from iProvo at this time. At some
point, I think they'll be booted off and I'll have to trust that
they'll be ready to provide that same service on infrastructure they
now own. In the meantime, I'm feeling I'm more vulnerable as these
things shake out.

Anyone have any additional insight?


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