December Meeting: ZFS on Linux (Aaron Toponce)

Steve Meyers steve at
Thu Dec 19 08:38:09 MST 2013

On 12/19/13 2:13 AM, Dan Egli wrote:
> Wouldn't Gnu Partition Editor (gparted) have a better ability to convert
> the FS? Or does it not support experimental file systems? I haven't tried
> it in years, but last time I did, I recall no problems at all converting a
> storage drive from Fat32 to EXT3 (this well predates ext4, even in
> experimental stages) using gparted. And when I looked at that site, I
> didn't see anything that looked to me like it could handle Btrfs anyway. It
> didn't even seem to have been updated in over eight years! For crying out
> loud, it still says you should be using a 2.4 kernel. Even as out of touch
> as I am I know there's 2.6 kernels, and I think there are 3.x kernels now
> (I seem to recall hearing of them on the list). I'm not sure a program that
> hasn't been updated since 2005 (at least that's the most recent update on
> the project home page above) would be a good idea for trying to convert
> from Btrfs.:)

It's not a filesystem-specific tool, so there's no need to keep updating 
it for new filesystems.  It needs at least a certain kernel level, but 
as you pointed out, that should be an easy requirement to meet these days.


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