December Meeting: ZFS on Linux (Aaron Toponce)

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Tue Dec 17 02:58:04 MST 2013

On December 14, 2013 Steve Meyers wrote:

> Aaron Toponce will be teaching us about how to use ZFS on Linux.

I hope it will be recorded as always. That's another presentation I'd like
to see, but don't have a chance in He** of actually being in Provo for it.

Has anyone ever thought about starting a Plug channel on YouTube? I'd think
we have enough recorded meetings by now. :)

--- Dan

On Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 10:10 PM, Steve Meyers <steve at> wrote:

> On 12/14/13 1:21 PM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
>> There was no reason for selecting it.  If I recall correctly it was just
>> the default on install, either that or I was too tired by the time it came
>> time to select a filesystem and ended up just ticking a box without
>> reading
>> closely enough.  The big problem here is that I can't just "untick" a box
>> to get a filesystem that's worthwhile for my purposes.  Not that I would
>> expect to be able to do that, but still the wish is there :)
> Have you tried ?
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