Pro/Cons on Mint vs. Gentoo?

Lonnie Olson lists at
Mon Dec 16 12:52:38 MST 2013

On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 1:12 AM, Dan Egli <ddavidegli at> wrote:
> So, while I love Gentoo, I hear a lot of people talking about how they love
> Mint, and that Mint has the same flexibility as Gentoo, but is easier to
> install/configure/update. If that's the case I may have to give serious
> consideration to moving over to Mint. But I'd really like to find out a bit
> more first. As I have said before, I have used Gentoo on many occasions,
> and never had any real problems with it as long as I set my USE flags and
> my ACCEPT_KEYWORDS flags properly, and don't try to combine everything onto
> one command line. But if Mint has the same flexibility for less
> configuration time, I'd be curious.

Mint is primarily a Desktop distribution.  Essentially it's just
Ubuntu (or Debian) with different GUI parts.  For servers, like you
described, I would skip Mint and just use Ubuntu (or Debian) directly.

In my opinion, using Mint for a server is like using Windows XP as a
server.  Sure it's possible, but kind of silly.

Recommended server distros (in semi-random order):

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