Unity? (was: What's your favorite distro, and why?)

Lonnie Olson lists at kittypee.com
Mon Dec 16 12:28:56 MST 2013

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 4:23 PM, Olli Ries <olli at olli-ries.com> wrote:
> Mir does have nothing to do with Unity

Correct.  This thread has diverged from the subject of Unity to
general Canonical bashing.

Unity is just another desktop environment, heavily based on Gnome3
(IMHO), but different in many important ways.  Adding yet another
desktop environment to the already large list is not that
controversial.  It's really a personal preference thing.  I really
like Gnome3, but I like Unity a little better.  That's just my

Mir is a display server (basically).  Olli covered this description
quite well.

These are both just examples of Ubuntu creating competing options in
the Linux world.  Creating competing options is not new to the Linux
world and has been done many, many times in the past, and will
continue for many many years into the future.  It is one of the
defining characteristics of the Linux community in general.  Though,
so is argument over which competing option is better.  :)

Creating competing options is a common way to advance technology
forward and spread ideas, often disruptively.

Woefully incomplete list of examples of other arguments over competing options:
GTK vs. QT
Gnome vs. KDE
Gnome3 vs. Gnome2 (hence spawning even more: Cinnamon/Mate)
glibc vs ulibc
Upstart vs systemd vs SysV
etc. etc.

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