Raspberry Pi Raspbmc Wireless Question

Ryan Moore paniclater at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 10:00:26 MST 2013

Hello Pluggers,

Has anyone been able to get Raspberry Pi up and running with Raspbmc (or
Raspbian) using only a wireless network adapter from the get go? My TV is
the only display I really have that I can plug the pi into and it is in a
room without ethernet. I tried running it wireless connected from the TV
and the network never came up (even though I specified network security
credentials on the sd card in my laptop). It recognized my wireless usb
adapter, but then hung on connecting to the network. Then I tried running
it headless wired straight into my router and couldn't ssh into it b/c the
init setup hadn't configured ssh and users yet. I ended up just going into
work and setting it up there. Wireless seems to be working just fine now.
Just wondering if anyone else had run into a similar issue or found a
solution in case I want to try out a a different option for my OS, do a
fresh install, or move Raspbmc to boot off of a USB drive.



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