A snag hit with coding in the cloud :(

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at gmail.com
Sun Dec 15 13:53:03 MST 2013

After deciding that Cloud9 was the best thing to happen to Javascript
development since sliced bread, I've hit a bit of a snag.

So here's my tail of woe.

My laptop applied an update yesterday and then promptly crashed while I was
in the middle of a coding/debugging session on a node app.  That's not
really atypical for this piece of junk which is one reason I'm looking to
migrate to an IDE that I can use from any computer.

When it came back up, I fired up my browser, pointed it back at my cloud9
project and ALL of the contents of the file I had open were gone.  Not just
my changes, the ENTIRE contents of the file had vanished.

In panic and confusion I opened up the integrated terminal and performed an
ls -alh on the home directory.  The file was still sitting there and it was
showing 6KB.  I did a cat and all of the contents (including my unsaved
changes) were thankfully there.

I closed the IDE, re-opened it and it still shows a blank & empty document.
 It also takes several minutes to load.

I did a test from the command line... "node myapp.js" and the file does
what it's supposed to do.
For fun I decided to fire up nano and check it out there.  Even good old
nano can edit the file.  But Cloud9 is showing an empty file.

I just checked and it seems even emacs is working fine with the file (if
only I new how to use emacs as an IDE :)

I'm going to file a support ticket with the fine folks at cloud 9 because
it seems my data is in tact, but their built in IDE can't access it.  Even
though everything else seems to not have a similar problem.

This is my tale of woe.  Be careful with cloud based IDEs, they might eat
your code.

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