Pro/Cons on Mint vs. Gentoo?

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Fri Dec 13 03:07:10 MST 2013

On December 11, 2013, Nicholas Leippe wrote:

> Don't forget, on gentoo you can use distcc to farm out compilation tasks,

That is true. Something I've done a few times. Although to distcc something
like KDE you needed to throw some symlinks into your path BEFORE ld and nm.
Again, this was 10+ years ago for me,  but what I had to do then to get
distcc to compile KDE (the compile was fine, but ld barfed badly, expecting
some g++ specific symbols to be defined, and distcc didn't define them) was:

# mkdir /dcc

# for F in cc gcc c++ g++ as nm ld; do ln -s /usr/bin/distcc /dcc/$F; done

# export PATH="/dcc:$PATH"

THAT made KDE compile fine.  But it's a bit of a pain to have to remember
to do that. :) And yes, making binary packages could solve that for when
you're setting up multiple machines. But still.... :)

> This is one reason I see gentoo as such a big win--it's so ridiculously

> easy to customize a package to exactly the features you need (leaving out

> entire swaths of unused code paths, dependencies, and possible security

> holes) and then you can distribute this to other machines all using the

> self-same built-in package management mechanism.

Agreed. The customization is exactly the reason I started with Gentoo in
the first place. :)

> I recall distinctly several times of the years seeing a security

> vulnerability announced in some package, checking my use flags, and

> that I was not vulnerable because I had not included that feature in my

> build. All the binary distro users had to update whether they were using

> the feature or not because their binary blob always had it included...

Been there, done that. On both sides. I definitely prefer the Gentoo
approach on that one. You're succeeding in reminding me WHY I went to
Gentoo in the first place. Plus there's the cute little factoid that lovely
Tux is actually a Gentoo penguin. That's what his species/race of penguin
is called in nature. Of course we all know penguins don't really have
orangeish beaks and feet, but what the heck. He's still cute. :) Kind of
speaks to me. Tux is a gentoo penguin, and I use Gentoo Linux. :)

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