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Thu Dec 12 12:12:12 MST 2013

>Yikes, that is bad. is actually OpenShift, the project I work
>on. Do you know if this was because poorly written code or the service

I do not know for sure. If you have access to the code/logs, the site
is - the date is Sep 14, 2013 MST
afternoon times. I find it rather suspicious that the downtime was
immediately after the race when more than the normal number of people
are looking at the results. So I am thinking it was site-caused rather
than cloud caused. If I were to make an educated guess, I would expect
the problem to have come from something like SELECT * FROM results
ORDER BY place LIMIT $N,$PAGE_SIZE which is how your average web
developer will solve the paging problem on first try instead of having
a key on place and doing SELECT * FROM results WHERE place > $N ORDER
BY place LIMIT $PAGE_SIZE, and when a few people hit it at once in
combination with the cloud limiting resources, we have a problem.

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