Kiosk mode Linux on bootable media

Doug Hales yanzzee at
Thu Dec 12 11:03:50 MST 2013

It seems like your requirements are pretty simple data collection. Have you
considered a survey app like this:

On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 4:34 PM, Doran L. Barton <fozz at> wrote:

> So, I have a new project I'd like to get some input on from the PLUG
> community. I work with a non-profit organization and we attend various
> events where we have an information table where attendees can visit with
> us, sign up to be on our e-mail list, or sign up to be a member of our
> organization (and pay dues.)
> Currently, the signup process is on paper, but I'm spearheading the effort
> to digitize that (I know, it's 2013 already!) What I'd like to do is create
> a bootable USB or CD media that will boot up a Linux kiosk system that
> automatically logs in and allows the user to run a browser and that browser
> is limited to a couple of URLs.
> Has anyone done anything like this? Anyone familiar with projects that
> provide some, if not all, of these requirements?
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