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Wed Dec 11 20:03:52 MST 2013

>Not picking on you but do you honestly think someone hosting their own
>server will have better uptime than using one of the current top tier cloud

I do not work much with clouds, but I have had some experiences that
makes me wonder about the stability of the current cloud solutions:

* I have seen MySQL stuck due to failed I/O several times on Amazon
cloud. Never quite like that on a dedicated machine - not so
spectacularly where every read() syscall would just sit there
indefinitely instead of coming back with some kind of an error.
* Netflix outage due to cloud failure made the news recently. I do not
recall a major news item that had to do with a regular dedicated
server failure. In fact, it was quite exciting - does not happen
* I ran the Big Cottonwood Canyon Half-Marathon this year. When I got
home I went to their website to check the results and got an error
several times. Retried several times after giving it some time to
auto-heal or have the admin take care of it. Then after some time  the
site started loading, but was extremely slow. I saw the domain of the
backend scripts was I realize that a poorly written PHP
script combined with a poorly written MySQL query can produce some
wonderful results, but you can only botch it so much while fetching
only 5K records on modern hardware. I have seen horrendously
inefficient code perform just fine even under load on a normal
dedicated server.

Now the idea of clouds is great. However, I fear that our ability to
get excited about them exceeds our ability to implement them properly
which is not an easy task.

Sasha Pachev

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