Kiosk mode Linux on bootable media

Doran L. Barton fozz at
Wed Dec 11 16:34:40 MST 2013

So, I have a new project I'd like to get some input on from the PLUG
community. I work with a non-profit organization and we attend various
events where we have an information table where attendees can visit with
us, sign up to be on our e-mail list, or sign up to be a member of our
organization (and pay dues.) 

Currently, the signup process is on paper, but I'm spearheading the effort
to digitize that (I know, it's 2013 already!) What I'd like to do is create
a bootable USB or CD media that will boot up a Linux kiosk system that
automatically logs in and allows the user to run a browser and that browser
is limited to a couple of URLs. 

Has anyone done anything like this? Anyone familiar with projects that
provide some, if not all, of these requirements? 

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