Pro/Cons on Mint vs. Gentoo?

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed Dec 11 08:47:22 MST 2013

Don't forget, on gentoo you can use distcc to farm out compilation tasks,
then use quickpkg to make a binary package of the result for distribution
to your other machines. So you not only reduce you compilations per package
to once (assuming the same use flags on all machines), but you can use the
cpus from all of your machines to make it that much faster.

This is one reason I see gentoo as such a big win--it's so ridiculously
easy to customize a package to exactly the features you need (leaving out
entire swaths of unused code paths, dependencies, and possible security
holes) and then you can distribute this to other machines all using the
self-same built-in package management mechanism.

I recall distinctly several times over the years seeing a security
vulnerability announced in some package, checking my use flags and finding
that I was not vulnerable because I had not included that feature in my
build. All the binary distro users had to update whether they were using
the feature or not because their binary blob always had it included...

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