Any OSX Power users?

Andy Bradford amb-plugg at
Tue Dec 10 22:26:03 MST 2013

Thus said Grant Shipley on Tue, 10 Dec 2013 22:00:18 -0700:

> First of all, /etc/resolv.conf isn't respected  on the mac so you have
> to add manual entries of dns server in the network gui.

Try using scutil yet?

I don't have the exact syntax at the moment (no access to Mac), but I've
used  scutil to  modify the  DNS ordering  from the  command line.  Your
favorite search engine might be able to help you find some examples.

You might  just get  the same  results as  with the  GUI, but  you might
not---who knows with Mac OS X. :-)

> I did this but  it still doesn't work. dig returns  the right info and
> pulls it from  my dns server. ping returns different  results. I start
> to pull my hair out.

Do both  DNS resolver have the  ability to return the  same information?
Perhaps  not given  that  you care  about the  order,  but maybe  that's
because one is more latent than the other...

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