When did Javascript become a serious language?

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 21:30:17 MST 2013

On 12/09/13 21:13, Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> Don't forget Clojurescript--all the power of clojure compiled into es5
> javascript. Very interesting IMO.
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To be perfectly honest, Javascript has always been a serious language. 
Just because it was used for stupid effects doesn't negate the fact that 
it's been powerful the entire time. With it's 'prototype' paradigm it's 
always been possible to extend the language to do whatever you saw 
fit... Now it wasn't until the advent of AJAX and the whole Web 2.0 BS 
that people started taking it seriously and using it for what I'm sure 
it's developers saw as it's true calling in life. Sure node and all the 
cool 'kids' in town are on the server side now and I'm kind of shocked 
it took so long for someone to think to make it server side, but I 
remember messing with Rhino trying to make it a stupid little 'cgi' 
daemon back in 05, back before I even knew what I was doing :-P. But 
Javascript was designed to be as powerful as you wanted it to be and 
after almost 20 years, I'm glad to see it where it's at. I won't be a 
bit surprised if someone doesn't reinvent the Terminal and Shell using 
Pure Javascript that can run Javascript in the same way that Bash and 
Zsh scripts are.... With gjs, writing a vte3 compliant Terminal would be 
cake, and what... a year's worth of effort, someone could easily put 
Javascript in dangerously close competition for Bash/Zsh/Tcsh as the 
master of command line. I was messing with a gjs based vte terminal, I 
even have a gist somewhere that almost loads the terminal.... anyways, 
I'll end my zealotrous rant, but yes, Javascript has always been the 
most unappreciated language in existence and it's potential is only now 
surfacing; only the tip of it's iceberg. Just my $22.22 (adjusted for 

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