Gentoo goods and bads (was: What's your favorite distro, and why?

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Sat Dec 7 01:17:34 MST 2013

On December 5, 2013, John D Jones III wrote:

> I was afraid you were going to request elaboration here...

What do you expect when I already stated that I enjoy Gentoo, and you talk
about it's "Attitude" :).

> Attitude probably isn't the right term... I used

> Gentoo for about a year and I guess it's more the community, the attitude
of the community tends to lean into

> the product for me... but a few times when I updated my system, something
critical went wrong, and it took days

> to 'recompile' things, and inevitably I ended up with 300 new packages
getting installed, and critical things,

> like Firefox/Thunderbird would still require more effort to get
working... I just got burned out on the feel of

> Gentoo, it's like it hated me personally for calling it's baby ugly or
something, lol... I guess what's what I

> meant by 'attitude'...

Ok. That's more understandable, and sounds to me like you did an "emerge
world" with ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~X86" or it's variants AMD64/X86-64/IA64 in
your make.conf or on the command line. That's ASKING for problems. I've
used gentoo many times, and as long as I don't do that it's never been that
way for me. The thing I had to get through my head was I couldn't throw all
my USE flags into the make.conf and then expect emerge to fix everything
for me. That lead to conflicting files more often than I care to count. But
once I conceded that I couldn't use a single emerge to install 99% of my
packages and broke it up into multiple lines (I used a script that would
emerge the packages that needed specific USE flags on their own command
lines, then emerge'd the world magic afterwards with the hardware only USE
flags in make.conf) things just started working for me. Maybe I just got
lucky or you got unlucky, but it worked for me and I enjoyed the
flexibility I had. :)

Still, everyone does have their own experiences, and I'd be the last one to
argue that. I still haven't been able to ever install Ubuntu/Kubuntu on my
old laptop. The installer crashes every time. No one has ever figured it
out. The live CD works fine, but going through the actual install program,
crash is 100% likely. So oh well. To each their own.

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