Anyone looking for Architecture work?

S. Dale Morrey sdalemorrey at
Thu Dec 5 17:10:34 MST 2013

Hi All,

I just finished second round interviews with a company looking to hire a
Software Architect.
I've realized I may not be the best fit because I consider myself more of a
broad generalist (that and I really do need to move more into management).

I think they really want or would at least significantly benefit from
someone with specific experience in the direction they are heading.

They are a media services company and they're huge.  They are literally a
household name. They have an existing streaming solution and just aren't
happy with the current service levels and quality.

I'm not allowed to disclose who they are, but I think they've been fielding
less than stellar candidates lately, at least in part because the job
description is entirely too general.

Be aware that I applied for this job because it sounded like a generalist
position (broad knowledge without too much depth in any single part).  I've
just finished my second round of interviews, but I personally think that
they would benefit more from someone with specific experience.  I don't
benefit in any way from this.  However they seem like great folks to work
for and I would really like to see them get a better candidate in the door.
  The pay is above market.

So here it is modified to target what I think would be a better candidate.

Wanted:  Systems Architect (Note the Systems, not Software aspect).  Must
have a broad and diverse knowledge of streaming media technologies such as
HTTP Live Streaming .  Specific experience with Adaptive Bit Rate streaming
is also required.  Preferred candidate will have full and indepth knowledge
of Move Networks and/or Octoshape. A firm understanding of both live and
delayed streaming architectures is a must.  Ideal candidate will also have
a firm understanding of Ominture analytics and how to apply it into a media
streaming service.

This is not a system administration or programming position, except that
knowledge of both will be necessary for validating and debugging designs as
well as troubleshooting issues when systems go live.

The candidate will primarily be responsible for Architecting/Designing the
next generation of media streaming solutions.  These solutions must be able
to run seamlessly (at a protocol level) on Set top boxes, laptop/desktop,
tablet and phone/mobile.  Therefore knowledge of highly efficient encoding
mechanisms is desired.

So let me know if anyone on the list is interested and get me your resume.
 I'll get it direct to the person making the decisions here so you can get
past the HR filters, so don't worry about tailoring it or anything.  My
understanding is that they would like to make a decision really soon, you
would probably be starting before the Christmas break.


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