What's your favorite distro, and why?

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Thu Dec 5 08:07:52 MST 2013

On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 7:59 AM, Michael Torrie <torriem at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 12/04/2013 11:58 PM, Dan Egli wrote:
> > I'm quite familiar with the differences between say, openldap-<version>
> and
> > openldap-libs-<version> and you're right that many were just the libs.
> But
> > if my memory is correct (I could be wrong!) openldap wasn't just the
> -libs
> > package required. Perhaps there wasn't a -libs package available to
> whoever
> > designed the RPM (whether it was designed by the Fedora maintainers or
> > someone else), but my memory says I had to install openldap itself (the
> > full package) to get courier's RPM happy. And the point wasn't having all
> > these DMBS packages installed, but the fact that this was a very small
> hard
> > disk drive (< 4GB HDD if I recall, this WAS more than 12 years ago) so I
> > had to REALLY prioritize what went on there, since it was a combo system
> to
> > be my home e-mail server plus my print/file server, plus the samba
> server,
> > plus the internet gateway. Those packages, just the libs and what ever
> else
> > was required, used a large chunk of my HDD that I could have used for
> other
> > purposes.
> Just to set your mind at ease, "openldap" contains the libraries,
> "openldap-servers" contain the daemons (the server), and
> "openldap-clients" contains the command-line binaries.  So you can rest
> easy knowing you never actually had OpenLDAP unnecessarily installed! :)
> And 2-4GB still sounds like a lot of disk space to me!  A stock Fedora
> system of that vintage, with everything you mention installed (minus the
> GUI of course; this is a headless server after all) would be about 300
> MB.  Granted, 300 MB for a basic system is still a lot of space (maybe
> 70 MB of that is locale information).  Of course, OpenWRT does the same
> tasks with only about 8 MB of space, doing things more the way you
> probably would (bare essential support libraries only, stripped).
> I would agree modern distros are getting quite bloated, as the kitchen
> sink goes in permanently because someone expects it even if I don't need
> one.  But I live with it (mediocrity at its best).

A lot of people feel this way and there is a trend now where people are
installing a minimal distribution.  Check out http://coreos.com/

We will see most/all major distributions shipping a stripped down version
of their offering with just the essentials in the next 18 months.


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