Anyone want to order a Cubieboard?

Barry Roberts blr at
Wed Aug 21 08:45:44 MDT 2013

On Wed, Aug 21, 2013 at 8:29 AM, John Shaver <bobjohnbob at> wrote:

> I'm ordering a Cubieboard 2 today:

Those look cool.  I've got a spare pi sitting around right now, so,
unfortunately I'm not in the market for one at the moment.

FWIW, OpenSprinkler Pi is awesome, even though the software is still pretty
bad.  I got mine installed last week and, as Jerry Pournelle used to say,
it's infuriatingly excellent.  I'm tempted to rewrite the software from
scratch, and I'm hoping it survives at least a few years in my garage.

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