mini-PCs as Routers.

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Tue Aug 13 09:17:08 MDT 2013

I concede--it's actually both. OpenWRT supports plain-jane ordinary x86--on
a hard drive, ssd, flash card, whatever. The fact that for *some* devices
in order to install the distribution of linux requires placing it into the
firmware along with the rest of the device's BIOS as required by the
hardware's boot loader makes it so that in those cases it *also* supplies
firmware. But it's still in addition a linux distro, and not just BIOS.

You can do the exact same thing with the linux coreboot project--you can
include your kernel in your PC's BIOS flash rom for faster booting--the
rest of your OS remains on other media, however--thus it doesn't turn
RedHat from a distribution into firmware by doing so.

But I concede that we continue to relax and conflate the meaning of things
as time progresses and technology becomes more flexible. Eg, "rewind" on a
CD or DVD player doesn't mean spin it backwards...

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