mini-PCs as Routers.

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Aug 12 08:47:32 MDT 2013

On 08/12/2013 08:31 AM, Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> "I don't to worry about it being compatible with OpenWrt, dd-wrt, Tomato,
> or whatever other firmware people like to run"
> Those are not "firmware". They are linux distributions. 

The difference is slight.  A distro that has to be flashed in a certain
form using specific tools.  Whatever.

> If linux has a
> driver for the hardware then it supports it regardless of the distribution.

That is true, but I guess I just don't care if my wifi access point runs
linux or not.  The only reason I do currently is because my WAP is my
router right now and I'm putting a vpn concentrator and special
firewalling rules on it.

In any case, my network is growing a bit beyond a home network. It's
also a business network, which is going to include a 500 foot fiber run
to another building, and there'll be another WiFi access point there.
The router will still do VPN, firewalling, but also network monitoring
probably using cacti.

Now in fact the hardware I'm looking at could actually run wifi in
access-point mode, so I may do that, though there aren't a lot of nice
web guis to control WiFi in this manner from the normal distros like
Debian.  In other words, nothing like the interface to OpenWrt.

By having a sufficiently powerful router core now to last a few years,
even at gigabit speeds, I have the flexibility to put wifi on the
router, or hang it on the network somewhere else where it makes sense
(multiple locations including the other building).

> I don't see the aversion to having wireless on your router--you can control
> it just the same no matter where the wireless packets get onto your wired
> network--possibly better if that point is actually on the router.

Hopefully you'll understand that better now.  It's not about control per
se.  It's about flexibility.

> As for "another cord ... behind your TV, he means that a wired connection
> to your TV would require a cat 5(e) cable from your TV to your
> switch/router as opposed to no cord w/wireless.
> For me, I'd rather the hard wire--who wants their streaming video to be
> interrupted when the microwave gets turned on? No one is looking behind my
> TV and counting wires anyways.

Ahh I see.

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