mini-PCs as Routers.

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Aug 12 08:31:04 MDT 2013

"I don't to worry about it being compatible with OpenWrt, dd-wrt, Tomato,
or whatever other firmware people like to run"

Those are not "firmware". They are linux distributions. If linux has a
driver for the hardware then it supports it regardless of the distribution.
I don't see the aversion to having wireless on your router--you can control
it just the same no matter where the wireless packets get onto your wired
network--possibly better if that point is actually on the router.

As for "another cord ... behind your TV, he means that a wired connection
to your TV would require a cat 5(e) cable from your TV to your
switch/router as opposed to no cord w/wireless.

For me, I'd rather the hard wire--who wants their streaming video to be
interrupted when the microwave gets turned on? No one is looking behind my
TV and counting wires anyways.

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