mini-PCs as Routers.

Dan Egli ddavidegli at
Mon Aug 12 06:40:48 MDT 2013

Now you lost me. Are you saying your router itself won't have WiFi, but one
of the machines connected to it will have a wireless card that can link to
other wireless cards? Or do you just mean that you're going to put a
wireless card in the router? I'd think that for certain situations wireless
would be a good thing. After all, do you really want yet ANOTHER cord
dripping from behind your TV? You already have a power cord, and any
connections to your DVD/Blu-Ray player, your Cable/Sattelite Box, any game
consoles, and maybe your computer itself. I'd think you'd want to go
wireless if you could. And then there's the fact that some game consoles (I
don't know if you use them) are moving Wi-Fi only. I haven't heard for sure
either way, but I did hear rumors that the PS4 and Xbox One will not have
RJ45 ethernet ports, but will be WiFi only (this could be wrong, but it's
what I've heard).

I have been thinking about building a little min-pc router like that
myself, but the WiFi issue has always held me back. Even if you don't
want/need WiFi support in the network, I do. :) And not just to one
machine. At the least, I'd want two: TV and Game Console.

--- Dan

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