Need a small form factor x86 box to be a firewall/router/dg

Michael Torrie torriem at
Thu Aug 8 14:43:46 MDT 2013

I'm getting sick and tired of ISP tech support questioning my router as
the cause of my many internet outages (they don't seem to know what
traceroute or what a shell on my router means), so I want to replace my
aging linksys router with a mini PC running Linux.  That way I can
honestly say when they ask me if I'm using a router, "no I'm directly
connected."  Plus I can run cacti and monitor the connection 24/7, and
run DG.

I want a machine that's x86 (i3 or i5), at least 1 GHz, low-power, no
fans, ssd disk, 2 gigabit ethernet ports, small formfactor.  Any ideas
as to what I should look for?  Anything under $500 is game at this point.

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