[JOB] Sr Sytems Engineer & Systems Administrator

Ben dev.tty42 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 15:42:29 MDT 2013


The company I work for, AtTask, is growing and looking to add to our
sysadmin team. We're looking for a senior Linux admin and "regular"
Linux admin. The latter could be someone at any experience level but
able to fit in with the team and align with our work. Compensation
will vary depending on experience (and your negotiation skills) and
includes excellent benefits.

We have a heavily virtualized environment and use mostly free/open
source applications. For specifics on what we are officially looking
for, see the following:
Or go to http://www.attask.com/open-positions to see a full list.

The descriptions cover a good part of what we do, but experience in
other areas will also be considered. We value potential as well. If
you have any questions about these jobs or working for AtTask as a
sysadmin, send me a message off list and I'll help you out. If you
want to bypass the HR filters, send your resume to me off list and
I'll get it into the hands of the director.


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