Another ISP thread...

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Apr 29 12:53:19 MDT 2013

With fully routable ip addresses you have no need for NAT on your router in
the case you mention.
The ISP would simply route all traffic destined for any address in your
block to your router, and you simply configure your router's routing table
and you're done. The linux-based router distros are using iptables--they
provide gui controls for some of its features--I'd guess that most of them
would expose enough controls for you to limit access to each machine
per-port as you describe. For rate limiting, that has nothing to do with
iptables--you'd use tc for that. I have no recent experience using the
linux router distros, so can't say if any of their gui interfaces expose
traffic control parameters. Setting up tc to rate limit your example would
be fairly straight forward.

Your message didn't clearly distinguish what setup A vs setup B was, so I'm
not sure how to answer your last question.

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