Utopia talking points?

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single mode fiber (smf) can go 10km, 40km, or 80 km between regeneration, depending on the optics used (the further, the more expensive).  If you need more than 10 GB, you can also do a passive WDM (wave division multiplexing) setup, which is basically different color optics and a passive shelf that splits and / or combines the colors onto one pair of smf, which would also require more equipment in the regeneration points.

As far as I know, an 80 km fiber run is cheaper than a similar microwave setup (depending on labor and materials cost to run the fiber), and doesn't suffer from weather interference.  Good quality fiber will also allow huge bandwidth upgrades in the future by upgrading the equipment in the huts.  Currently DWDM equipment can run up to a few terabits on a pair of good fiber.  Microwave is a few gigabits, if my memory serves.

Side note, I would strongly suggest that if you are pulling fiber, to pull more than you expect to ever need, as you will always be wrong on any estimate you do, and the bulk of the expense tends to be the labor.  It is cheaper to put in more first than add to it later.  Find the sweet spot on price, aka a 24 strand fiber pull is not twice the price of a 12 strand, but a 144 may be twice the price of a 72.


On Apr 27, 2013, at 11:12 PM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:

> Does anyone know where I could find a copy of the original talking points
> document that Utopia used to have a few years back?  It mentioned things
> like increased access to educational opportunities, telemedicine
> applications etc?
> I'd like to review it for a presentation I'll be making in a week or two.
> The federal government (in Ecuador) has taken an interest in the community
> broadband project out here and wants me to talk to them about the
> possibility of expanding something like it nationwide.
> Also does anyone know what the optimum run length of fiber (single mode)
> without repeaters is and if there is any advantage to a long run of fiber
> vs using microwaves?
> The general idea here is to connect various small parishes (mapleton sized
> towns) along an area that population wise looks a lot like the I15
> corridor.  Think about what it would take technology wise to put beaver,
> fillmore and all those other little towns onto Utopia.
> Thanks!
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