Streaming MP3s from Debian Squeeze

Charles Curley charlescurley at
Sat Apr 27 15:42:21 MDT 2013

On Sat, 27 Apr 2013 14:47:50 -0600
Matt Melvin <rage_311 at> wrote:

> Using icecast as the output device from MPD has worked well for me in
> the past.  Have you tried that route?  Here's some official MPD
> documentation describing how to do that:
> It's been a while since I've set that up myself, but I don't remember
> it being too difficult to get working.
> MPD also has built in HTTP-streaming support, which is the next
> section on that page.  I haven't tried that route myself, but it might
> be worth looking at.  With either method, just use your typical MPD
> client to control the playback.

Thanks. Unfortunately, both failed.

The icecast one failed with the message, "Starting Music Player Daemon:
mpdoutput: line 195: couldn't find shout encoder plugin "mp3" Aborted
failed!" Googling on that turned up nothing.

I begin to wonder if the debian folk strip out mp3 support from these
programs. They don't strip them from end clients like VLC or xine,

The http streaming support did not work. I can't get the server with a
web browser at all on port 8000. On port 6600, the browser connects and
spins its wheels.


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