Another ISP thread...

Jima jima at
Sat Apr 27 14:40:42 MDT 2013

On 2013-04-27 03:57, Dan Egli wrote:
> *A 27/7 line? I didn't know Comcast offered such a beast. I'm also
> surprised Comcast is offering static IPs at all. Last I looked, which was
> admittedly quite a long time ago (many years) Comcast didn't offer static
> IP at all. The best you could get was a "semi-static" ip that would change
> about 2x a year. And there was no mention of being exempt to their
> metering. If they have cut off the bandwidth cap for business class
> customers maybe I'll go with them when I get back to UT.

  I don't think business-class was ever subject to the caps. 
Residential didn't used to be, as far as I know; part of the backlash 
was the fact that quietly added them.

  When I used Comcast for internet, my IP rarely changed.  Actually, 
thinking back, I'm not sure it changed in the year we had it.  I'd have 
to check my dynamic DNS logs to be certain, though.

 > You'll have to let
> us know if they're any good. If they are, maybe I'll use them instead of
> Qwest. Anyone know if their encrypted cable is compatible with CableCard? :)

  We do still have Comcast for video, and all we have are TiVos with 
CableCard.  The biggest issue you'll have is installation -- regardless 
of what the scheduler might tell you, next to no installation techs know 
a thing about CableCard.  As with Charter, the only way we managed to 
get it working was walking the installer through the process 
ourselves...thank goodness both my wife and I are technical enough for that.

  As for encrypted cable, you mean such as premium channels, right? 
Those work just fine.  I don't believe there's any way to get the 
on-demand stuff working (at least with the TiVos, I can't speak for any 
other CableCard-consuming devices).


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