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Sat Apr 27 03:57:38 MDT 2013

*At 6:48 AM, Todd Hansmann wrote:*

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*>>> Do you have static ip addresses with Comcast? Did you have to*

*>>> pay extra?*

*>> With Comcast? Last I checked (a few years ago, in Minnesota), that*

*>> would require a business-class account, which is more expensive per*

*>> month for less bandwidth, and is subject to a (at the time) $250*

*> "installation fee"*

*> I got Comcast Business this morning actually. So far, I have a 27/7 *

*> line and it goes quite a bit faster than that at most times.*

* *

*A 27/7 line? I didn't know Comcast offered such a beast. I'm also
surprised Comcast is offering static IPs at all. Last I looked, which was
admittedly quite a long time ago (many years) Comcast didn't offer static
IP at all. The best you could get was a "semi-static" ip that would change
about 2x a year. And there was no mention of being exempt to their
metering. If they have cut off the bandwidth cap for business class
customers maybe I'll go with them when I get back to UT. You'll have to let
us know if they're any good. If they are, maybe I'll use them instead of
Qwest. Anyone know if their encrypted cable is compatible with CableCard? :)

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*--- Dan*

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 8:12 AM, Tod Hansmann < at>wrote:

> On 4/24/2013 7:18 PM, Jima wrote:
> > On 2013-04-24 18:41, Tod Hansmann wrote:
> >> I can say with certainty, sleep or no, that my 27/7 is much nicer than
> my 7/.8
> >    Funny, that's kind of how I feel about my 100/100. :-)
> >
> >
> I can also say with certainty that I don't like Jima right now =cP
> -Tod Hansmann
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