Open Source CAD recommendations for network planning?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Fri Apr 26 20:47:18 MDT 2013

On 04/26/2013 08:33 PM, Paul Seamons wrote:
> The only viable one right now is librecad (fork of qcad).  But even 
> librecad is rather poor in interface.  Anything else costs money or is 
> really lacking features.

LibreCad's interface is different than the traditional AutoCad
interface, and probably not as good or efficient.  But it does grow on
you and it's not that bad, really (yay for open source that's not great
but not that bad!).  LibreCad 2.0 improved the interface somewhat,
especially how the snaps are enabled.

There are other commercial CAD programs out there that are much cheaper
than AutoCAD and fairly full-featured for what you'll be using it for.
For example, TurboCAD.

> About 10 years or more ago I started to write a real replacement for CAD 
> on linux.  I made it a little ways - then life got in the way, and work, 
> and lack of a good toolkit binding supporting 3D in my language of 
> choice (toolkits have improved since then but only a little).  I'm still 
> planning to write one - and it will be great - it just might take 
> another 10 years.  I'm still amazed that there isn't anything really 
> worth it in this area.

Any thoughts on FreeCAD, Paul? I haven't used it much yet, but there's
something that appeals to me about using a parametric model for 3D.

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