Open Source CAD recommendations for network planning?

Paul Seamons paul at
Fri Apr 26 20:33:25 MDT 2013

The only viable one right now is librecad (fork of qcad).  But even 
librecad is rather poor in interface.  Anything else costs money or is 
really lacking features.

About 10 years or more ago I started to write a real replacement for CAD 
on linux.  I made it a little ways - then life got in the way, and work, 
and lack of a good toolkit binding supporting 3D in my language of 
choice (toolkits have improved since then but only a little).  I'm still 
planning to write one - and it will be great - it just might take 
another 10 years.  I'm still amazed that there isn't anything really 
worth it in this area.


On 04/26/2013 08:03 PM, S. Dale Morrey wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Has anyone had a chance to try some of the open source CAD applications out
> there?
> Our fiber to the home project is about to launch, and as part of it we will
> need to site survey each block and do some general, civil engineering type
> tasks.
> There is no budget for AutoCAD and even if there were, the government here
> has a law stating that in all cases where there are suitable open source
> alternatives, the open source product must be chosen,
> Most drafting here is still done by draftsmen with pen, paper and ruler.  I
> still get strange looks when I pull a laptop out of my bag and use it for
> something other than facebook or youtube :)
> Thanks in advance for any recommendations!
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