May meeting: trying out a new format

Steve Meyers steve-plug at
Thu Apr 25 13:51:28 MDT 2013

We won't do this every month, but we'd like to try a little different 
format this month.  We'd like to have 2-3 shorter presentations.  One 
would be geared towards newer users, and the other(s) would be more of 
the normal level.  Each presentation should be somewhere between 10-25 
minutes (depending on how long the others are), and doesn't need to have 
a nice powerpoint slide deck or anything like that.  Just show us 
something cool you've been working on lately, and how it works.

I'll start off by volunteering to present the newbie portion on basic 
network architecture, since I already told Tod I'd diagram it out for 
him.  Who else would like to give a quick presentation?


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