Another ISP thread...

Jima jima at
Wed Apr 24 17:31:13 MDT 2013

On 2013-04-24 08:27, Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
> Hm, for me I don't host anything, but I do occasionally connect from the
> outside with ssh and/or vnc.  So even if my ip address isn't static, I
> need to be able to forward ports in.  I'm not sure even that'll work
> though with Comcast residential.  Maybe I could us a dynamic dns service
> perhaps.  But this is somewhat an issue unfortunately still.

  Port-forwarding and dynamic DNS should serve those needs perfectly 
fine; it's what I did the last time I was on Comcast residential (and 
Charter, for that matter).  The only issue you'd run into is if you need 
the same ports going multiple place (e.g., two web servers, etc).


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