Another ISP thread...

Dennis Muhlestein djmuhlestein at
Wed Apr 24 08:27:25 MDT 2013

On 4/23/13 6:44 PM, Jima wrote:
> On 2013-04-23 17:59, Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
>> On 4/16/13 5:04 PM, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
>>> On Tue, April 16, 2013 16:06, Dennis Muhlestein wrote:
>    With Comcast?  Last I checked (a few years ago, in Minnesota), that
> would require a business-class account, which is more expensive per
> month for less bandwidth, and is subject to a (at the time) $250
> "installation fee" -- actually more like an activation fee, since you
> have to pay it even if you already have coax.  And yes, you have to pay
> extra per month for the static IPs.

Hm, for me I don't host anything, but I do occasionally connect from the 
outside with ssh and/or vnc.  So even if my ip address isn't static, I 
need to be able to forward ports in.  I'm not sure even that'll work 
though with Comcast residential.  Maybe I could us a dynamic dns service 
perhaps.  But this is somewhat an issue unfortunately still.

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