Another ISP thread...

Tod Hansmann at
Wed Apr 24 00:15:15 MDT 2013

On 4/23/2013 9:32 PM, Jima wrote:
> On 2013-04-23 19:18, Tod Hansmann wrote:
>   > The static IPs
>> work as you expect.  This is in contrast to their business fiber, which
>> can be a bit wonky (you get a /30 that you don't pay for as a
>> "management" subnet and your /29 or whatever is routed to your
>> management IP.  Odd, but it works great thus far.)
>    I prefer having a point-to-point /30 and having my assigned subnet
> routed, myself.  It lets me split my allocation up, abuse the
> network/broadcast/router addresses (generally for DNAT/SNAT), filter the
> subnet (without a transparent firewall), and add another allocation
> without renumbering my existing equipment.  It's normal SOP for
> enterprise-y connections, and I enjoy having the same design at home. :-)
You don't need the /30 getting in the middle for most of that, though 
(if not all, I'm not very imaginative at this hour on what all you could 
mean with some of the terms).  Plus, with ipv6 it will be a moot issue 
for both of us.  That's my next hopeful project with this lovely connection.

-Tod Hansmann

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